Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

Sunday, December 18, 2022

The Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the world-renowned treks in Nepal. This trek is an adventure packed with stunning landscapes and fantastic wildlife. Many trekkers have succeeded on this trek, but it is also challenging, requiring lots of preparation and planning to enjoy every moment. We provide the best deals on Everest Base Camp Trek Package, which includes accommodation at Teahouse or Lodge, transportation from Kathmandu Airport to a hotel, land transport service between Lukla & Everest base camp, etc. Everest Base Camp Trek Cost depends on many things. We are trying to give detailed information about Everest Base Camp Trek Cost:


How much does the Everest base camp trek cost?

If you’re looking to hike up Mount Everest, several factors play into the cost of your expedition. The first is how many trekkers are in your group and their fitness level. If they’re all in good shape, it will be easier for them to make it up Mount Everest than if they were newbies or had never gone trekking.

The second factor is how sophisticated you are for the trip (including everything from food and accommodations). Finally, there’s also the price of hiring a guide or porter who will be helping carry gear during their journey up Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek.”

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost
Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost: Prices are flexible and negotiable

The Everest Base Camp trek prices vary depending on the number of people, type of accommodation, and season. In general, prices are flexible and negotiable, so it is essential to communicate with your agent as soon as possible so that you can get a quote before making any plans.

Our Everest Base Camp Trek Cost is US$ 1850, and we can customize this cost per your budget. If you want to fly back to Kathmandu by chopper, the cost will be high, and if you don’t need any service in Kathmandu, the cost will be relatively low. The accommodation standard, including meals and additional services, also plays a vital role in cost.

If you want to travel with a group or solo, it is best to book through an agency rather than directly with the hotel or guest house owner (although this will often save money). This way, they can coordinate everyone’s requirements into one booking and make sure everything runs smoothly between guests’ plans. It also gives them access to other services, such as transfers, which local businesses may not provide if they are responsible only for their bookings.


Everest Base Camp Trek

15 Days | US$ 1850 US$ 2050

Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek

16 Days | US$ 5500 US$ 6250

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost Includes

The Everest Base Camp Trek cost includes everything, including all costs. There are no hidden costs and no hidden fees. All costs are included in the price you pay for your trek. 4-times airport transfers in Kathmandu (2 times at the International airport and two times at the domestic airport), hotel accommodation in Kathmandu with breakfast, average lodge during the trek with breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea/coffee, and seasonal fruits, English speaking trekking guide, porters in 2:1 ratio, Sagarmatha National Park Permit, Local Tax, Kathmandu – Lukla – Kathmandu flight ticket, trekking map, seasonal fruits are included in the Everest Base Camp Trek Cost.


Permit and Entry Fees Included in the Package

The permit and entry fees are included in the package. The permit fee is NPR 3000 (Approx USD 25) per person, while the local government tax is NPR 2000 (Approx USD 17) per person. The total cost for permit and entry fees is $42 per person.

View from Kala Patthar
View from Kala Patthar

Teahouse or Lodge Accommodation with breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a twin-sharing basis

The teahouse is a simple but comfortable place to stay. It’s a basic structure with no hot water or electricity, but it does have a kitchen where you can cook your food. Teahouses are usually located at higher altitudes and are often shared by other trekkers on the same route as you. They offer basic facilities such as beds and pillows in rooms made from canvas tents set up on the floor of an open-air room with wooden beams supporting the roof above them (and sometimes even having windows).

Teahouses typically have two basic options: shared rooms or private ones that cost more money per night than if you were staying at one of these same places on your own (but still less expensive than staying in hotels). Shared rooms are usually located around campfire areas where everyone congregates during breaks between hikes. In contrast, private ones tend to be attached directly to main buildings, like guesthouses for tourists visiting Mount Everest Base Camp Trek.

The Teahouse cost depends on the level of standard of the teahouse. The lodge/teahouse costs from US$ 10 to US$ 250 per night. This is based on the standard of the lodges. If you book Yeti Mountain Home, you must pay more than US$ 250 per night, including dinner, bed, and breakfast.

The meal cost depends on the altitude. The meal cost of Lukla will be relatively low compared to Gorak Shep’s. There is not any road access in this Everest Region. Porters or animals will carry all food. So, at a higher altitude, the meal cost will be high. Usually, the Nepalese Meal Set cost will be US$ 10, one pizza cost will be US$ 15, and One cup of tea/coffee will be approx US$ 5. You usually need US$ 35 to 40 for one-day meals.

Note: If you eat outside than your lodge, they might charge an extra US$ 10-20 with you.


Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trek

19 Days | US$ 1550 US$ 1950

Everest Base Camp Short Trek

10 Days | US$ 1150 US$ 1350

Everest Panorama Trek

9 Days | US$ 1250 US$ 1550

Land Transportation to/from Kathmandu airport to your hotel

Once you arrive in Kathmandu, the first thing to do is get yourself to your hotel. This can be done by car or taxi. In this case, we recommend hiring a private car with a driver for the whole trip as it will save money and time because there are numerous intersections along the way, and many minor roads need to be crossed. However, if you would like to take public transportation, then go ahead! The cost of transportation varies depending on how far away from Kathmandu Airport you are going and what type of vehicle you have. Transportation cost highly depends on the hotel location. If your hotel is in Thamel, the car cost is NPR 1500 (Approx USD 12) for one time, and if your hotel is far from Thamel, the car cost will be slightly high.


All domestic flights Kathmandu-Lukla-Kathmandu

All domestic flights Kathmandu-Lukla-Kathmandu are included in the price of the trek. Booking your flight well in advance is a good idea, as flights usually fill up quickly, and bookings can be made through travel agents or on your own. The Kathmandu – Lukla – Kathmandu flight costs US$ 360 per person. This cost includes the round-trip airfare and applicable tax. You need to pay separately for airport transfers. The airport transfer cost is US$ 15 for one way, but this cost depends on your hotel’s distance. To reduce this cost, you can stay nearby the airport. From there you can go to the airport for a walk.

Lukla Airport
Lukla Airport

International Flight cost

The international flight cost highly depends on your home country. The flight cost is relatively cheap if you are located in India, Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia, or near distance. The international airfare will be relatively high if you are located in Australia, the United States, or European countries. The flight ticket highly depends on the season, seat class like economic or business, ticked issued date (if you issue your ticket earlier, the airfare will be relatively low), and other factors.

You can also fly with Air India, which has direct flights from Delhi to Kathmandu. Similarly, Nepal Airlines also have a flight from Dubai, Malaysia, Qatar, Mumbai, and other destination. Please feel free to visit the Nepal Airlines website for the location details. Fly Dubai, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, etc., have direct flights to Kathmandu from different cities.


A highly experienced Government licensed holder English speaking Guide trained by the Ministry of Tourism Nepal.

A highly experienced Government licensed holder English speaking Guide trained by the Ministry of Tourism Nepal is also included in this Everest Base Camp Trek Cost. The guide will be with you for the entire trek and will know the area well, so you can rest assured that they will be able to help you with any problems that may arise.

The Ministry of Tourism Nepal has trained the government-licensed holder English-speaking Guides; they are highly knowledgeable about all aspects, including culture, history, and geography. They also have extensive experience guiding groups on treks. If there is anything that needs to be done during your trip, then it is only a matter of asking them instead of worrying about it yourself!

They are also physically fit and can predict the weather condition. Trekking guide has also completed first-aid training; in the small case, they will treat themselves. Guide meals, salary, accommodation, and insurance are also included in the Everest Base Camp Trek Cost.

You must pay approximately US$ 25 to US$ 30 per day for the guide. This cost includes their accommodation, meals, salary, and other expenses. We highly recommend you hire a government-licensed trekking guide. Better to hire a local Sherpa Guide.


Required Porters (1 porter for two people), their food, accommodation, salary, equipment, and insurance.

Porters must carry your baggage, food, and other things you need on the trek. The trekking company hires porters to assist you while climbing Mount Everest. A porter will carry your backpack and also help with other day-to-day activities such as cooking meals, setting up tents at campsites, laundry services, etc.

The amount of money a porter earns depends on how many days they spend during the trip. Generally, they will carry two trekkers trekking stuff. If you have more trekking stuff, we highly recommend you hire a private porter. You only need to give their salary and tipping.

The porter’s salary will be US$ 20 to US$ 25 per day. They will arrange meals, accommodation, and salary with this salary. You should tip at least US $ 10 per day for the porter.


Medical Kit Box

The medical kit box should contain medicines, bandages, and other items such as sanitary napkins, tape, and scissors. This kit must be carried by the porter who will be carrying it to camp. It must be checked before starting your trek so you know its contents. If you need Diamox (High altitude medicine) and other particular medicine, you can buy them in Thamel.


Everest High Pass Trek

20 days | US$ 2100 US$ 2350

Everest View Trek

10 Days | US$ 1250 US$ 1450

Gokyo Cho La Pass Trek

17 Days | US$ 2050 US$ 2350

Travel Insurance

We highly recommend you buy travel insurance with an internationally recognized insurance company. The Nepalese insurance company doesn’t sell insurance policies for foreigners. Their company did the insurance for their staff. But it would help if you did your insurance. The insurance must cover accidental, medical, and search and rescue (including chopper). An insurance premium’s cost depends on the trekker’s age, duration, inclusion service, and the insurance company. Usually, the premium amount starts from US$ 200 to US$ 600.


Nepal Visa Fee

You can get Nepal Visa upon arrival in Kathmandu. It would be best if you take 30 days Nepal visa from Kathmandu Airport. The cost of 30 days visa is US$ 50 per person, and you can get an arrival visa from Kathmandu airport. But some nationalities like Syrian and Afghanistan must take prior visas. Please check the Nepal Immigration website to get detailed information about this.

It would help if you were fully vaccinated to enter Nepal. You must show a fully vaccinated certificate (In English) and complete the CCMC form to enter Nepal. If you are not fully vaccinated, you must show a PCR negative report, which should be 72 hours before your flight boarding date.


Trekking Equipment Cost

It would help if you had quality Everest Base Camp Trek equipment, or you could buy all trekking gear in Thamel, Kathmandu. You can use your old trekking gear if you have any. It would help if you had one down jacket, which costs starts from NPR 6000 (US$ 50), a trekking pole US$ 10, a few pair of trekking shocks US$ 3 per pair, trekking pants US$ 20 to US$ 50 per pants, trekking bag (Above 55 liter) US$ 80, full sleeve t-shirts US$ 15 per t-shirt. Please click this link for the trekking gear list. Typically US$ 400 is enough for the trekking gear.


Miscellaneous Expenses

Some miscellaneous expenses should be mentioned above. You need to pay separately for hot water showers US$ 3-6, electronic device charging US$ 2-6, Electric blankets US$ 15-20 (all teahouses might not have electric blankets), Internet at the lodge US$2-5, and other small expenses.


International Tour Operator

Most internally recognized tour/travel operators and agencies operate Everest Base Camp Trek. The Everest Base Camp Trek cost will be high if you book Everest Base Camp Trekking Package with them. International tour operator is not authorized to operate any trekking and tour package in Nepal. They will give to Nepalese Trekking Companies like Peregrine Treks to operate the trekking and take good margin with them. They will book the trekking package, take a high amount, and give to handle Nepalese operator in less. By doing so, you won’t get full service as per your payments.


Booking with OTAs

You can book this Everest Base Camp Trek with online travel agents like Viator, BookMundi, TourRadar, Tours4Fun, Expedia, and others Online Travel Agents. If you book with them, the Everest Base Camp Trek cost will be high because of their commission. Typically Viator charges 25% to 35% the commission, Bookmundi charges 15% to 25% commission, Tours4Fun Charges 15 to 25% commission, TourRadar Charges 20% commission, and other OTAs charge 20 to 30 percent commission from the total tour cost. So, if you book a trek with them, the Everest Base Camp Trek cost will be high.

If you see a low price on these platforms, please carefully read the tour inclusion parts. They might charge extra for the single supplement or escape some service.


Gokyo Lakes Trek

12 Days | US$ 1450 US$ 1690

Gokyo Renjo La Pass Trek

15 Days | US$ 1550 US$ 1750

Island Peak Climbing with EBC Trek

19 Days | US$ 2500 US$ 2950

Cheap Tour Operators

Some Nepalese tour operators are offering this trekking for US$ 1200 per person. This might sound good for trekkers. If you choose those cheap operators, you can’t get quality service from them. They don’t have a qualified guide because they will pay significantly less for a guide, won’t provide enough meals during the trip, exploit porter rights, and don’t have expertise in mountain tourism. They need to minimize the budget, so it directly hampers the quality. They will be unable to provide enough meals, first-aid medicine, and good lodges for accommodation, so they don’t have a high success rate in trekking.



After reading through the above, you are now well-informed about Everest Base Camp Trek Cost. Climbing the highest peak in the world is costly, and many expenses need to be taken care of. This includes food, accommodation, transportation, porters, etc. Hence it is essential for travelers who want to participate in this adventure to remember all of these items, as it will cost them extra money if they do so. If you trek solo in Everest Region, the hotel will charge a high price for you, you will need to pay more for meals, and the flight cost will also be high. We highly recommend you join a Nepalese trekking company for better care and to make your trip safe.


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