Privacy and Cookie Policy

Privacy and Cookie Policy

The Peregrine Treks and Tours respect your privacy

We ensure the protection of your personal information, and we trust that you must know how it could be used.
This privacy and cookie policy relates to all data collected and your acquaintances. You could approve of using the information you have provided via our websites.


What information do we collect for personal identification?

We collect your information for your identification subject to which of our associates you are willing to deal with. Some specifications may vary for recording purposes. Generally, it includes as specified underneath:

  • Your name, address, gender, email, date of birth, telephone/cell numbers, postal address, medical and nutritional information, passport details, travel insurance details, and former outside involvement.
  • Details of previous journeys or events you have come with or know about.
  • Facts provided through our customer reviews
  • Your travel preferences and specifications, if any
  • Any supplementary information collected and provided by your travel agent or our other associated websites you may book our trips through


Our method of gathering your personal information.

During your travel inquiry and trip booking, we grasped some information so that we could respond to you as you requested.

You may share your information while enquiring our websites, by sending us a direct email, by providing information over the phone, by interacting with our public social channels, by subscribing to competitions on our websites, or other party events, market surveys, or by supplying your information to other service providers or agencies. For instance, travel agencies with whom you were associated earlier. We update the required information to ensure optimum accuracy to fulfill the requirement.

Your website visitors will automatically collect information like IP addresses via cookies. We analyze visitors’ behavior also to decide the analytical insights of possible customers. Our cookies policy is stated below to help you.


Method of using your personal information

We collect and utilize your personal information to ensure our best services to you as you require and expect from us. We value our customers and want to facilitate your thorough websites as much as possible. This can include:

  • To deliver the rational information requested for the trip either online or by post.
  • Registering you for any information related to special events,
  • Providing trip documentation once booked either online or through the post
  • To accomplish your reservation by updating our local hands and partners with personal information like medication and dietetic information so that we could manage the tour safely, providing information to local authorities and administrates to secure permits required for your trip, or communicating with insurers or your emergency contacts in case of any emergency.
  • If you ask for a flight reservation or any pre or post-tour services, we have to provide your details like name, date of birth, and passport details to other service providers to fulfill their compliance.
  • We may also utilize your information for applicable products and events that we believe you are fond of through emails or postal.
  • Remarketing advertisement on social media or the wider internet networks.


To whom should we share your information?

  • Sharing your information is obligatory to confirm your registration or inquiry.
  • Your collected personal information would not be traded or sold to anyone.
  • Your information will be shared with an international service provider to register oversea events if any. We could not take ensure how they will use your provided information.
  • To obtain required permits and fulfill compliance, we have to share your personal information with oversea local authorities.
  • We could operate competitions or promotional activities frequently, and you may be asked to share information with a third party in such cases. Still, it will be shared only after your consent.
  • We may share your personal information with the different market researchers, where they won’t be authorized to hold for any other purpose other than mentioned earlier.


Your choice to ‘opt-out’ is respected.

If you have chosen to subscribe to newsletter communications from us and at a later stage change your mind, you may at any time eliminate yourself from that email distribution list by;
1. Ticking the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of every email,
2. By forwarding the email, you received to the company email address advertised at the bottom of your email.


Links to other websites

Various websites may contain links to other linking websites. Please be aware that you automatically enter another website when you click on one of these links. We request you to read the privacy statements of these links as they could have a disparity with our privacy policy.


Alteration and access to your information

You are requested to contact your nearest Peregrines office in case you want to certify or alter the data we have obtained from you. Please be informed that your identity verification is a must to disclose information. Your request for data access will be charged a fee or could be entertained free of cost. Mostly frequent access will be charged nominally.


Your privileges

Your right to obligate using your personal information for promotional activities is where you could erase it. We are obliged to take your consent if we use your personal information for identification, registration, or reservation purposes. You may contact our data security officer directly if you want to specify some information that should not be declared.


Cookie Policy

Our websites use “cookies” to ease you to personalize your online experience and customize it as you desire. Our prime use of cookies is to save time and provide information quickly. You are free to decide either to accept or decline a cookie.

Cookies help to assemble anonymous information.

For continuous improvement and to ensure its significance to our viewers, we collect anonymous click-based information from each visitor via cookies. It may include time, date, browser type, and IP numbers identifying domain type and geographic location.


How does the Peregrine Treks website use cookies?

  • Session cookies: These are used to maintain our link to you as you move throughout the site. These cookies are subject to clear automatically when you close your browser. They are also used to identify if you have logged in and maintain that login.
  • Permanent cookies: We are not currently using permanent or persistent cookies. However, third-party services may set cookies that continue after closing the browser. Examples of those services include but are not limited to Google, Youtube, Facebook, Yahoo, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, AddThis, Adroll, etc. These are almost entirely for online advertising.
  • Third-party cookies: A third-party cookie is placed on a user’s hard disk by a website from a domain other than the one a user is visiting. We do not use third-party cookies and propose you consider restricting them in your browser.


Managing cookies on this site

You will be able to route our site without cookies permitted. You will also be able to reserve trips and submit forms.

Removing cookies

If you have recognized a cookie from a site and later wish to remove it, you can learn how to do it. Warning: Depending on the procedure followed, removing cookies may eliminate all cookies from all sites visited, which may be undesirable.

Card security

We provide a harmless and secure e-commerce environment. We protect the security of your credit card data with the following actions:

  • We do not prefer to store your credit card details on any of our servers.
  • We use 2C2P payment gateways to provide a secure, encoded environment for the authorization of credit card and charge card transactions between your browser and our financial institution.



We have nominated a Data Protection Officer who is liable for controlling any complaints you may have about how we handle your confidentiality.

Suppose you have a protest concerning our performance and believe your confidentiality has been compromised or breached. In that case, you must direct your complaint in writing to our Data Protection Officer at the following addresses:

Post to: Peregrine Treks and Expedition Pvt Ltd, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

Our Data Protection Officer will be connected with you within 1-2 days of receiving your objection to discuss your fears further and assist you with a settled path to resolve. 

Privacy regulation

We welcome the Privacy Amendments (Private Sector) Act 2000 (and the subsequent amendments to this Act) and the 10 Privacy Principles that the Act introduces, as well as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Please get in touch with our nearest office if you have any queries, concerns, or comments about our Privacy Policy.

Changes to this Statement

We will regularly update this Privacy and Cookies Policy to reflect company and customer feedback. We encourage you to review this page sporadically to inform us how we protect your information.

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