Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Booking

Your booking is with Peregrine Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd. (hereafter referred to as The Company) of Bhagawati Bahal Marga, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal, registered in the Nepal Tourism Board. Pradip Karki and Jamuna Bhandari are the Chairman and Managing directors of the Company. The following conditions, our privacy policy, and other written information on this website we brought to your attention before the booking will create a basis for your contract with The Company. Please, read the terms and conditions carefully before booking with us.

By confirming a booking, the first-mentioned person on the booking list agrees on behalf of the entire client team that:

  1. You agree to our Terms and Conditions and will be bound by them to the last day of your travel
  2. You consent to use their information data (as in the Privacy Policy) and are authorized to disclose their details to us on behalf of all persons named on the booking.
  3. You and all members of your teams are above 18 years of age. In the case of children below 18 years, their parents/ legal guardians need to provide consent.
  4. You accept all financial responsibility to make payment of the booking on behalf of all persons in the team.



We aim to provide the proper holiday to suit your requirements. Call us at +1 3153886163 / +977 98510 52 413 or email: sales@peregrinetreks.com for the booking. Our team will create a detailed itinerary per your need and then provide you with a price per person.

1.1.1 To secure your booking, we demand a deposit of 20% of your total tour cost. Your booking will be confirmed, and this fee is not refundable.

1.1.2 We demand a minimum deposit of 20% of your holiday cost before 60 days of departure. The remaining payment can be made after you arrive in Nepal. If we do not accept your booking for any reason, your deposit will be returned. Some suppliers and holidays over peak seasons may require higher stakes at booking. You will be notified of these requirements before you pay your deposit.

1.1.3 Payment is possible through a bank transfer or online services via our website. We accept major credit and debit cards.

1.1.4 After payment, you need to send the screenshot/ receipt


1.2 Mode of payment

You can make the payment either by wire transfer or by credit card.

Pay to: Peregrine Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd.

Current A/c: 019 08274760015

Paying Bank: Himalayan Bank Limited

Branch: Thamel

Bank Street Address: Tridevi Marga, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal


After we get the receipt of your deposit, we shall issue a Confirmation Invoice. A contract will come valid from the date of the Confirmation Invoice issue.

If the balance is not paid 60 days before departure, we reserve the right to apply the policy under “Cancelled by you” mentioned in the clause below.

Last-minute booking: Peregrine Treks and tour accept last-minute booking. You can book a trip to Nepal 24 hours before the trip’s starting date. But you will have to make a 50% payment at the time of booking for a last-minute booking. The last-minute cancellation also allows us to apply the policy under “Cancelled by you” mentioned in the clause below.



2.1 Amendments by you

The Company tries to assist you with any necessary alterations in your arrangements; however, such changes can create difficulties for the team. One can request such an amendment in clear writing and signed by the person who made the payment for the booking. If the modifications are made 60-days before departure, the charge is not applicable; after that, the amendments can charge USD 100 per person after your requested amendment is accepted.

Please note that changes within 28 days of departure are not considered valid. Your request can go for the cancellation and re-booking clause below. The cancellation charge will be applicable if the amendments cannot be made.

If you make any modifications during your holiday, you only make all charges payable.

2.1.1 Date amendments: Changing the tour dates also apply to the rules mentioned in the above clause. The new travel date must be informed 60 days before the tour. The change in date before 28 days charges USD 100. After that, the changes can be accepted or rejected as per the will of The Company.

2.1.2 Destination amendments: If you want to change the destination of your own will, similar rules mentioned in the above clause are applicable. The new destination date must be informed 60 days before the tour. The change in place before 28 days charges USD 100. After that, the changes can be accepted or rejected as per the will of The Company.

 2.2 Transfer of booking:

If any team member wants to transfer their traveling to a new person, the new member should arrange all the terms and conditions of the Peregrine Travel and tour. The transfer information should be given at least 15 days before the departure. Along with the US$ 100 transfer fee, the client should pay other unrecoverable charges from the transfer. After 15 days, the transfer can be accepted or rejected as per the will of The Company.

If one of your members decides to cancel the traveling and you cannot find a replacement, then the terms mentioned in cancellation clause 2 are applicable. This might also cause a hike in price for other team members.

2.3 Cancellation by you and refund

Cancellation requests, along with reasons, should be submitted in writing. The request made by the person responsible for the payment is only accepted. Following re-fund is made as per the dates before the cancellation.

Note: Booking confirmation charges and amendment charges are not refundable.

Days before departure Refund amount from total booking cost
60 days or more 100% of total booking cost (other than USD 20% conformation charge)
30-60 days 60% of total holiday cost
15-29 days 90% of total holiday cost
0-14 days 100% of total holiday cost

Important Note: There might be some costs already used by the agency that cannot be refunded. For example, in the peak season, we make booking for flights, games, lodges, etc., quite early. If such bookings have already been made, the unrecoverable charge will not the paid.

Partial Room Cancellation: If one of a few team members cancels the tour, the cost for other people might increase. And you will have to pay this increase.

Please note that your travel insurance secures the additional cost.


2.4 Cancellation in unavoidable circumstances

You can cancel your confirmed holiday in cases of “unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances.” If any immediate vicinity significantly impacts your holiday or transport, we will fully refund your payment (other than the unrecoverable cost).

In such cancellation, Foreign, Commonwealth, medical personnel, or a Development Office must have advised against your travel.

Here, “unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances” means any acts of terrorism, pandemic, accidents, epidemic, significant health risk, natural disasters, or political reason.


2.5 Cutting your trip short

If such changes are to be made before departure, the rule from the amendment clause above is applicable. However, the Company will not be responsible for refunding the unused cost if you return home early during the holiday. If you shorten your holiday with any complaint about the services by the Company, we do not pay any associated costs.

In some cases, travel insurance covers such curtailment, and you might claim the amount with them.

2.6 Re-booking following a cancellation

If you have to re-book an alternative holiday after the cancellation of the first one, your charge will be deducted as per our cancellation policy. Then, you can pay the remaining amount (other than the balance that remains with us) as per our booking policy. The confirmation charge is not applicable in case of re-booking.

2.7 Accuracy of information

Our effort to provide accurate information to the client remains intact. However, we will not be held responsible if any change has to be made to the weather conditions, health issues, sudden delays, or political causes. If we have to make any significant or long-term changes, we will inform you about the changes as soon as possible.

 2.8 Amendments by the Company

The description and prices given by the Company are primarily accurate. However, the Company reserves the exclusive right to amend in Itinerary and charge before accepting your booking if changes have to be made. However, no such changes will be made (except for emergencies).

In scarce circumstances, Company reserves the right to make minor changes before your departure. The minor changes can include the change in flight/ drive time of 12 hours, slight change in route, change of hotel to another same range or higher standard, and changes of carriers. As per new rules, avoiding some crowded places and places closed due to COVID-19 is also a minor change.

If we have to make significant changes, we will inform you about it before the trek and provide you will other alternatives. You can also choose to book another holiday or cancel the booking with a total amount refund in such a case. The “Significant changes” here include more than 12 hours of delay in the airport, change in destination, or switching to the lower accommodation, and a rise in the price.

In this case, you must claim for the change or refund seven days after your choice’s notice is invalid. If we don’t hear from you in seven days, we assume you have consented to our changes. If we cancel your trip for reasons other than very low bookings and forced closure (natural or political reasons), you will get a full refund and additional compensation. Our staff of Peregrine decides the compensation amount.


2.9 Cancellation by the Company

The company reserves the right to cancel your booking if you haven’t paid any balance 60 days before the tour. You can also cancel the tour immediately due to force majeure and Low booking.

Force majeure- Terrorist attack, war, political risks, pandemic, natural disaster

Low booking- When the number of bookings is so low that we cannot cover our expenses

If we cancel the tour for any other reason than mentioned above, the Company usually arranges alternative of very close standard or refund you with the price.



 3.1 The company has the full right to change the price of any holiday from the ones mentioned on the website before the booking. The change in price after the booking is not allowed. You can send an inquiry mail to inform us about the exact price.

3.2 The company can change the holiday price after booking only in one of the following cases.

  • a significant change in the price of transportation due to the hike in the fuel/ power cost
  • and significant rise in taxes or services applicable to third parties
  • iii. change in exchange rates that affects your currency

If you do not accept the new price, you can claim the refund within 7-days of the notice. Information received after seven days shall not be valid. Please note that a confirmation fee of 20% is non-refundable in any condition.

3.3 The Company is not obliged to give you a detailed breakdown of the holiday costs



 We highly emphasize that you get travel insurance before the tour. Your travel insurance covers all kinds of cancellations and curtailments. It should also cover medical expenses, including the evacuation charge, personal liability, robbery, and death. Also, your insurance should cover the charge of injury during any adventurous sports. The Company will not be liable for any illness, injury, or death sustained during a trip, trek, or tour, except due to negligence, nor will it be liable for any uninsured losses of your property. We cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, or accident to any luggage or properties at their owner’s risk, even when carried by porters or pack animals.

Also, if you have any disability or health condition we should be aware of, you should share the information before the tour. The medical report should be attached to your insurance details in the booking email.

4.1 Emergency condition: The tour to the mountains is often followed by an emergency. In such hard times, the guide can take the best coping method. That might include stopping in the same place for a few more days and walking to the lower altitude. They might admit you to the nearby hospital for the quickest possible treatment. The client or their travel insurance covers the charge of such additional expenses.

The Company, including all guides, leaders, and anyone working with us, cannot be held responsible for any accident or mishap concerning any part of arrangements or services for a trip. Without professional medical assistance, group leaders will provide first aid support, if needed, to the best of their ability and judgment. By signing the booking form, you agree not to take any legal proceedings against The Company, its employees, or associates due to any first aid treatment or medicine, including advice and suggestion during the trip.

If you need emergency evacuation, we arrange the quickest possible helicopter rescue. The Peregrine tour and travels will arrange any domestic Helicopter as per convenience. The client or their travel insurance should also cover the charges for helicopter evacuation. You should clear the payment before departure from Nepal.

  • Risk & Liabilities: Our expert team at Peregrine treks and tours are committed to providing you with the best services. Since this will be your once-in-a-lifetime journey, we serve you with security and honesty. The team will take every possible action to make it smooth and pleasant. However, we will not bear the risk if there is any legal issue or emergency (pandemic, war, political instability).


5. Special terms and conditions for Tibet and Bhutan Tour

All Tibet tours are run strictly under the Tibet Tourism Authority. Our agents or we shall not be responsible for any change or cancellation program due to unavoidable circumstances such as road blockage, flood, snow, political unrest, cancellation of flights, delayed arrivals, sickness or accidents, or any changes imposed by the Tibet Tourism Authority. Clients must bear any resulting additional cost. Therefore, we advise you to have complete medical, personal, and cancellation insurance and ensure that your planned activities are fully covered. Regarding the Tiber and Bhutan Tour cent percent of the tour, the cost must be paid 45 days before departure.

Any information provided by The Company on matters such as permits, visas, vaccinations, climate, clothing, baggage, special equipment, etc. is provided in good faith but without responsibility on the part of The Company, and the passenger accepts responsibility for obtaining any necessary visas and travel documents required for a holiday.

While arranging to join your group in Nepal, India, Bhutan, or Tibet, our responsibility does not commence until the appointed start date and time. We shall not be responsible for any additional expenses you incur to join the group.

6. Our Rights

Any likeness or image of you secured or taken on any of our holidays may be used by the Company without charge in all media (whether now existing or in the future invented) for bona fide promotional or marketing purposes, including but not limited to promotional materials of any kind, such as brochures, slides, video shows, and the internet.

These booking conditions may only be waived for exceptional individual circumstances by a letter from the Company Directors.

The terms and conditions of all agreements with The Company shall be governed by Nepalese jurisdiction.

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